Let me guess.  You've spent most of your life doing what you 'should' be doing rather than following your heart.  Maybe you have a job that doesn't fulfill your soul or maybe you're just too scared to follow through with your ideas because you're worried what others might think and even worse, what if you fail?  

I know these feelings all too well.

In 2005, I was unhappy with my corporate job and confused about my future.  I struggled with self-doubt and paralyzing anxiety.  I was embarrassed to share my dreams and apologetic for wanting more out of life.  Then I had enough.  Over the next ten years, I dreamt big and hustled hard.  If I had an idea, I went for it.  Fear took the back seat and my soul was ignited.

If there's anyone that understands your struggle, it's me.  You know you're meant for something big but don't know where to start.  You're excited but fearful.  You're determined but stuck.  You want to live a purpose driven life but worried you're not big enough to change the world.  I've had all these thoughts and trust me, things can quickly change and magic can happen.

In the spirit of searching for more purpose and joy in my life, I enrolled in an interior design class in 2008.  I quickly became fascinated by textiles and spent the next couple years designing and sewing accessories.  In 2010, I launched a handbag line and sold my products in boutiques and eventually in Anthropologie.  

Although I love design, I found myself even more passionate about teaching.  In 2013, I hosted my first business workshop and was instantly hooked.  3 years and 10 events later, I've helped nearly 300 aspiring entrepreneurs get clear on their goals, strategize a plan and build a thriving business.

Remember to dream unapologetically big, work strategically hard and trust wholeheartedly in yourself.  


Leanne Cairns first developed her business and leadership acumen as a civil engineer.  After working in the industry for a few years, she craved more creativity in her life and pursued interior design.  With a new love for textiles and design, Leanne launched a handbag line in 2010 and in 2013, sold her products in an internationally acclaimed retail store.  At the same time, she went back to school to get an MBA and learned key practices for her business.  In 2013, Leanne started receiving a flood of emails from aspiring entrepreneurs with business start-up questions and she quickly realized there was a lack of support for dreamers alike.  That year, she hosted her first business workshop and it created immediate buzz.  In 3 years, Leanne has hosted 10 sold-out events and has impacted the lives of nearly 300 female entrepreneurs and leaders.  Her work is focused on helping purpose driven entrepreneurs get clear, gain confidence and rise up to their greatest potential.


If my story resonates with you and you're ready to rise up to your dreams, lets talk.